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Reglaze Glasses Service

Are you happy with your frame and just need new lenses? Maybe you have a new prescription or your old lenses are damaged. This service is just for you! Using the Vision2you reglazing service we can fit new lenses to your own frames breathing new life into that old pair of glasses!

Simply select the type of frame you need new lenses for from the options below. Please note this is a lens only purchase and does not include the frames. The charges shown below are a service charge for cutting and fitting the lenses. you will be asked to select the lens type and material required at an additonal charge ( starting at £9.95).  The frame image shown is to help you identify the frame type you require lenses for and is not included.

The Vision2you reglazing service can supply any lens to fit in your own frame including high index, sunglass, bifocal and varifocal lenses.

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Code: replace lenses to my own rimless frame


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Code: replace lenses to my own half rim frame


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Code: replace lenses to my own full rim plastic frame


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Code: replace lenses to my own frame


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